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Free Download StoreApps – Smart Manager Pro - v3.9.6 wordpress plugin

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StoreApps Smart Manager StoreApps Smart Manager – Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster Free Download Nulled 5.14.0 – Storeapps | StoreApps Smart Manager – Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster v5.14.0 Nulled is best stock and inventory control plugin for WooCommerce. Bulk editing and administration by using the spreadsheet such as editor table items, rates, orders, coupons, admin columns. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sponsored Ads Extend or decrease inventory, inventory, price, order changes, coupon expiry, and rapidly conduct thousands of control operations. It is your intelligent WooCommerce store manager who improves your productivity 10 times and saves you enormous time. Spreadsheet / Table Editor Plugin Smart Manager functions like a tablet in Excel. It’s fast and easy to make adjustments and navigate! Price, Product & Stock Management Surf the table and update stock quantities easily, set and adjust sales price/permanent price. Set backrorers, remove products, filters and bulk edit inventories, along with variations for several WooCommerce products. Quick Inline & Bulk Edit Creating, removing or updating many objects from the grid at once. Save all at once, change several column values. Switch to a native screen to complete control of the editing. Order Management, Discount Coupons… View, filter and scan all orders on a single screen fastly. Change order status, add new orders, edit orders in bulk, or export to CSV manually. Check and locate coupons, expand shop loans, adjust discounts, modify them in bulk… Admin Columns Freely Show, hide and edit columns of information easily in the grid. Any kind of WordPress article, sort, scan, edit, or export. Smart Manager also supports several data forms of third party plugins! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Posts, Pages, Users…Anything! Using the same table as the gui in WordPress and WooCommerce to display and control all kinds of custom post types, users and attributes.

Smart Manager v3.9.6 is a unique, revolutionary tool that gives you the power to efficiently manage products, customers and orders using the popular WordPress e-Commerce plugins from WooThemes and GetShopped.

As a business owner, your time is better spent on marketing and customer service than on store administration. Unfortunately store administration with can take significant time. Day after day.

Smart Manager v3.9.6 will boost your productivity 10x in managing products, customers and orders. You can browse, search, add, update and delete multiple products & variations, customers or orders using a familiar, single page, spreadsheet like interface. Use our smart Batch Update to change multiple fields on multiple items – all at once with zero errors. You will discover a new way of store administration with this add-on. It frees you up from mundane housekeeping tasks. So you can spend that time on anything that makes you more money.

== Changelog ==
= v3.9.6 =
* New: Support for sort functionality on the entire database of records (Beta)
* Fix: Search functionality displaying never ending loading for Orders Dashboard in some cases (WooCommerce)
* Fix: Some minor fixes

Demo StoreApps – Smart Manager Pro

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