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Free Download Zencache Pro - v160103 wordpress plugin

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ZenCache Pro v160103 is a premium WP Tool especially developed for caching your entire website. It adds the perfect blend of speed, reliability and simplicity. It is more simple but attractive, effective and there is NO learning curve such as no technical mumbo jumbo will be standing in your way. Thus you have just a few clicks and then ZenCache – An Advanced Cache Plugin for WordPress is ready-to-go! All you provide is a deafening applause and a big.

RSS, RDF & Atom Feed Caching
Why make feed readers wait? ZenCache can speed up your content syndication feeds too.

404 (Not Found) Request Caching
Cache 404 error requests to reduce the impact this has on your server; e.g. misbehaving bots/spiders.

Automatic Cache Expiration Time
The ability to set an automatic expiration time for cache files. Your site remains fast on autopilot.

GET Request Cache Exclusion
The ability to either cache, or ignore, URLs that contain query strings (GET Requests).

GZIP Compression (Compatible)
Works w/ mod_deflate, PHP output compression, and other GZIP techniques. Instructions provided.

AC (Advanced Cache) Plugin System
An Advanced Cache Plugin system for theme and plugin developers — extend Zencache Pro v160103.

Debugging Mode (See it Working!)
The ability to enable debug notes in HTML “View Source” mode. You can see what Zencache Pro v160103 is doing.

Translation Compatibility
Zencache Pro v160103 supports WordPress -approved translation support; POT file provided w/ source code.

Developer Friendly Codebase
Our code is clean, commented (docBlocks), and contains tons of hooks. Easy for developers to extend.

Logged-in User Caching
The ability to cache logged-in users too! VERY powerful, particularly for membership sites; e.g. s2Member®.

AJAX-Powered “Clear Cache” Button
A new improved “Clear Cache” button in the admin bar (along with an option to enable/disable this feature).

Dashboard Notification Opt-Out
The ability to disable Dashboard notifications related to automatic clearing/purging on change detections.

s2Clean Theme Integration
The ability to clear cache files generated by the s2Clean theme for WordPress (if installed).

Import/Export Config. Options
Import or export your ZenCache configuration from one site to another. Huge time saver!

URI Cache Exclusion Patterns
The ability to customize the cache for better compatibility with some themes/plugins.

User-Agent Exclusion Patterns
Exclude certain types of browsers (e.g. mobile devices) for special handling. Not necessary, but possible.

HTTP Referrer Exclusion Patterns
The ability to bypass the cache when visitors are referred to your site by certain domains.

Dynamic Cache Version Salt
The ability to generate multiple versions of the cache based on variables that you introduce.

HTML Compression
Auto-compress raw HTML code by removing extra chars & white space for smaller overall file size.

JS/CSS Concatenation & Minification
The ability to automatically combine both local & external JS/CSS resources into compressed cache files.

Cache Preloading (Auto-Cache Engine)
Automatically primes the cache; avoiding the potential for a first come slow-to-load scenario.

Popular CDN Integrations
Reduces latency associated w/ HTTP requests and server load. Supports CloudFront, MaxCDN and more.

Built-In Automatic Pro Updater
The ability to receive updates for the pro version (like any other WP plugin) from your Dashboard.

Zencache Pro v160103 Changelog


Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that was unexpectedly producing “Failed to update your /.htaccess file” error messages. The .htaccess routines are now more intelligent and take into consideration which plugin options are enabled and which options require updating the .htaccess file. This also improves performance by avoiding unnecessary read/writes to the .htaccess file. Props @patdumond. See Issue #641.
Bug Fix: When allow_url_fopen is disabled via the PHP configuration, the Auto-Cache Engine is unable to read the XML Sitemap and was silently failing with only PHP Warning in the PHP error log. The Auto-Cache Engine currently requires PHP URL-aware fopen wrappers. A new Dashboard notice displays an error message when allow_url_fopen is disabled and prevents the Auto-Cache Engine from attempting to run. See Issue #644.
Bug Fix: Fixed an Auto-Cache Engine bug that was producing false-positive Dashboard errors related to timeouts: “Problematic XML Sitemap URL – WP_Http says: Operation timed out after 5001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received.” Due to the way ZenCache was checking the XML Sitemap URL more than necessary, timeouts were more likely to occur. We now only check the URL repeatedly when a failure has been encountered. If the URL is confirmed as working, we don’t check the URL again until the Auto-Cache Engine runs (every 15 minutes by default) or until the Plugin Options are saved. If you are still seeing timeout errors after this update, please see this article. See Issue #643.
Bug Fix: Fixed an Auto-Cache Engine bug where ZenCache would would check both the non-SSL (http://) and the SSL (https://) version of the XML Sitemap URL when the Site Address was configured to use SSL. See Issue #643.
Enhancement: It’s now possible to override the ZenCache Nonce exclusion globally (dangerous) or only for Logged-In Users (safer). Please see this article for full details. Issue #637.
Akismet Compatibility: Fixed a bug with Akismet compatibility where ZenCache was not properly disabling the Akismet Comment Nonce, which resulted in pages being unnecessarily excluded from the cache due to the presence of the akismet_comment_nonce in the markup. Props @Kalfer. See Issue #642.

Demo Zencache Pro

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