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X The Theme v4.3.1 – Overview

StacksX The Theme v4.3.1 includes multiple unique designs inside of one powerful theme, and we refer to these designs as “Stacks.” There are currently four Stacks available in X, with more on the way. It’s like buying one theme and constantly getting access to new designs all the time! The links below take you to the main demo for each Stack, however we have created multiple unique demos for each Stack so be sure to check them all out.


Extensions – Easily build upon the firm foundation X has already laid forth with our incredible new Extensions. Within the X ecosystem, Extensions are comprised of plugins built by our staff to work seamlessly with X The Theme v4.3.1, as well as third party plugins by developers we’ve partnered with to bring you great features that we’ve integrated tightly into the theme. This keeps X lean for those who might not need a certain feature and as efficient as possible for those who do! Be sure to check out our Extensions overview and demo pages for more information on these amazing features that are included for free with each unique purchase.

ExpertsX The Theme v4.3.1 was built upon the input of industry-leading experts. We consulted numerous individuals and asked them what sort of features they wanted to see in a theme from an SEO standpoint, design, feature-set, et cetera, and built their suggestions right into the theme. Forget the marketing speak, X truly delivers on what it promises.

Customizer – Being on the cutting edge of WordPress development is something we wanted to do from the start. Because of that, we made sure that we avoided the use of clunky additional admin panels and instead, opted to utilize the native WordPress Customizer (or rather, our souped up version of the WordPress Customizer). With this setup, you can preview all of the changes you make to your site live without any need to switch windows or refresh the browser over and over again. When you’re happy with your changes, select “Save & Publish” and your updates will go live. Within the WordPress Theme Customizer

X Theme 4.3.1 – Notes and Changelog

Remember to clear all caches when updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use and to avoid any potential errors.

Ah, what a beautiful day it is for a release, wouldn’t you say? We have a lot of exciting updates in store for you in Cornerstone and a few of our Extensions as well, so make sure you stick around to read up about all of the new exciting and things happening there as well! Alright, let’s jump right into X.

We have a new employee working for us here at Themeco that we’re so excited to introduce you all. He’s a colorful little fellow with a bright future ahead. He’s beloved by all, always turns his work in on time, and brings donuts and coffee in the morning: everybody, meet Huebert, a (truly awesome) color picker!

Huebert is our answer to the numerous woes we have heard from our users about the current WordPress color picker not supporting alpha transparency (womp womp). In an effort to have more control over our controls (pun intended), we set out to develop a color picker from scratch that would not only support these modern color formats, but also make selecting that perfect color as easy as possible.

The best way to pick a color with Hubert is actually to start with the top slider and select the overall hue you plan on working with. Once you’re happy there, move up to the pallete and drag the iris around to tweak the saturation and lightness all at once to your exact specifications. Finally, the bottom slider allows you to mix in transparency if needed.

If you’re not a “drag and drop color picker” kind of person, the input at the bottom can be used to enter colors manually as well. Huebert supports all modern web color formats including hex, rgb, and hsl, and these will all be converted to rgb on save to ensure formatting is correct. Finally, the “reset” button to the side of the input can be used to clear your input and start over if desired. Currently, Huebert is available in the Customizer but we will eventually be rolling him out to other areas like the page meta options and our Extension options soon.

But that’s not all! We’ve also made some significant updates to our WooCommerce integration in X, which we think you all will find particularly delightful. In addition to v2.5.0 support, we took some time to audit our overwritten templates and CSS and see if there was anything we could streamline during the process. Ultimately, we were able to reduce our overwritten templates from 26 to 14 as well as reduce our WooCommerce styles by roughly 21% across all Stacks!

Finally, we have updated a lot of our Extensions this time around, both third party and our own. Below is a list outlining what has been updated.

X Extensions

Custom 404 (v1.1.0)
Email Forms (MailChimp) (v1.1.1)
Facebook Comments (v1.0.1)
Under Construction (v1.1.1)
Video Lock (v1.1.1)

Third Party Extensions

ConvertPlug (v1.1.1)
Envira Gallery (v1.4.1.3)
Revolution Slider (v5.1.6)
Soliloquy (v2.4.3.7)
Visual Composer (v4.9.2)

That about wraps everything up for X! Remember to read on to learn about the all new Skeleton Mode in Cornerstone (don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds), as well as our other neat features and enhancements we’ve included. Enjoy!

Demo X The Theme

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