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Free Download GravityForms Signature - v3.0 wordpress plugin

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GravityForms Signature v3.0 – Gravityforms Addon – The Signature Add-On for Gravity Forms allows you to capture signatures online by allowing users to sign your forms using touchscreen devices, touch pads or mouse. Quickly and easily integrate signature capabilities into your forms without the end user having to install any special browser plugins.

Easy To Use
Enabling online signatures is as simple as adding a Signature Field to any form using the Form Editor.

Touchscreen Device Support
Allow users to easily include their signature when submitting a form on their iPad or Android tablet.

Cross Browser Support
Works on all major browsers, both desktop and mobile. Includes IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, iOS Mobile Safari, Android and Blackberry.

No Browser Plugins
Completely browser based requiring no third party browser plugins. The only requirement for your client is that Javascript support is enabled in the browser.

System Requirements
The Gravity Forms Signature Add-On requires Gravity Forms v1.6.2+, WordPress v3.3+, PHP 5+ with GD library support.

GravityForms Signature v3.0 – Gravityforms Addon Changelog

Version 3.0
– Added support for Gravity Forms 2.0
– Added GF_Field_Signature.
– Updated SuperSignature to version
– Fixed an issue where the old signature file was not deleted when using the ‘sign again’ link.
– Fixed an issue where the signature files would remain when permanently deleting all the entries for a form.
– Fixed an issue which prevented the signature canvas being displayed after deleting the existing signature when editing an entry.
– Fixed some strings in the form editor which were untranslatable.
– Fixed an issue with the borderStyle setting.
– Updated to only include the deleteSignature script on the entry detail edit page.
– Updated location of Signature field settings so they are now located on the Appearance tab.
– Updated SuperSignature; fixing a vertical offset issue with the touch point/capture location when the WP admin bar is present on a mobile device.
– Removed Browser.php.

Demo GravityForms Signature

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