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Free Download Subscriptio - v2.3.1 wordpress plugin

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Subscriptio v2.3.1 is a great premium WooCommerce extension that perfectly allows you to easily sell subscriptions. Subscriptio WooCommerce Plugin automatically adds recurring payments capability to WooCommerce so that you can easily sell products such as online memberships, magazine subscriptions, e-learning packages and any other tangible or intangible products.

Subscriptio v2.3.1 – WooCommerce Subscriptions is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to sell subscriptions. Subscriptio adds recurring payments capability to WooCommerce so you can sell products like magazine subscriptions, online memberships, e-learning packages and any other tangible or intangible products.

Both simple and variable products can be configured as subscriptions and allow you to set payment cycle, free trial length, subscription length and a setup fee. When a customer purchases a subscription, a subscription flow is started, which consists of the following actions in a chronological order:

Order placed
Payment received (skipped in case of trial with no setup fee)
Subscription activated (or enters an optional trial period)
Renewal order generated
Payment reminders sent
Attempt to process automatic payment (if payment gateway supports Subscriptio)
Subscription marked as overdue (grace period; optional)
Overdue payment reminders sent (optional)
Subscription suspended (optional)
Cancellation warnings sent (optional)
Subscription cancelled if no payment is received
Subscription expired (if not cancelled by the time maximum subscription length is reached)

Both shop managers and customers can pause and resume subscriptions as well as cancel them. However, it is possible to disable this possibility for customers. There are more configuration options like when reminders should be sent, length of the suspension period etc. Plus there are many hooks and filters for developers to use.

This plugin integrates with WooCommerce Membership (also developed by RightPress) to offer online memberships with recurring payments.

Subscriptio v2.3.1 – WooCommerce Subscriptions Changelog

v2.3.1, 26 September 2016
* Fix – Product id set to variation id in variable order item meta
* Fix – Tax class determined incorrectly for variable products in some cases
* Fix – Invalid argument supplied for foreach() warning
* Tweak – Option to use PayPal Adaptive Payments for existing subscriptions only
* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Demo Subscriptio

Download Subscriptio v2.3.1 – WooCommerce Subscriptions

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