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Free Download WPFortune WooCommerce Uploads - v1.3.4 wordpress plugin

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WPFortune WooCommerce Uploads v1.3.4 Allow customers to upload files to their WooCommerce webshop

About WooCommerce Uploads

Let customers upload files after purchasing on your webshop

The WooCommerce Uploads plugin allows customers to upload one or more files for products a customer has ordered. Once an order is processed, for each order an upload button will appear on the order overview page under ‘My account’. On the order detail page or the checkout thank you page a customer can upload their files easily for their ordered products.

If you want to let customers upload files before checkout, you can use our WooCommerce Uploads Before Add-On.

Shop managers can manage all uploaded files on the order detail page in the administration panel. Here they can approve / decline files, download the files a customer uploaded and send customized emails when files are approved or declined.

Other features

Enable file uploads for products
Fully customizable upload set on product level
Each upload in an upload set can have own settings (title, description, multiple uploads, file type filter and more)
Choose in which order uploads will appear
Upload files before checkout with our WooCommerce Uploads Before Add-On
Support for large files (up to over 100GB!) with the AJAX uploader
Automatically enable uploads for all newly added products
Enable uploads for all current products in your webshop with just one click
Product variation support
Choose the position of the uploads on the order detail page
Upload files directly after checkout on the “Thank you” page
Let customers delete files
Choose your own upload path
Show a preview thumbnail for images (jpg, png, gif)
Thumbnails for psd, pdf, ai and eps files (requires Imagick)
Specify thumbnail size and quality
Write your own description which appears above all uploads (HTML supported!)
Receive notification emails (multiple e-mails are supported) when a customer deletes, changes or uploads files.
Send an e-mail to the customer with a reason of approved or declined files.

WPFortune WooCommerce Uploads v1.3.4 Changelog

2016.10.06 – v1.3.4
Better error handling when using ajax upload
Translation fixes
Fixed bug in admin display when deleting one file on frontend with multiple upload boxes

Demo WPFortune WooCommerce Uploads

Download WPFortune WooCommerce Uploads v1.3.4

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