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Free Download Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress - v1.4.5 wordpress plugin

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Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress v1.4.5 comes with premium Role Manager Added, 2x Faster / Lazy Loading, HTML Minifier and Relative links Builder, Support PHP 7, WordPress 4.6 Support, Hide Meta Boxes on Custom Page types, Role Independent Setting Mode Added, Hiding & Ultimate Tweaker Administrator role and more!
Ultimate Tweaker v1.4.5 is a Premium 240+ Hacks, features and WordPress tools Plugin. This Plugin has 240+ hacks & tweaks out of the box without programming in 38 categories.

Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress v1.4.5


Remove “— WordPress” from title – suffix will be deleted from admin page title
“WordPress” rename – rename globally all words to your own CMS name

Big menu logo – add big logo on top of side menu
Favicon for admin area
Change link, button and icon colors

Admin bar logo button

Button with logo to start of admin bar.li>
Use site or any url
Sub-menu with any links or pages

Admin Footer Message

Use logo with link to any url
Hide default link and text
Use any HTML code

Remove “Screen Options” panel – contextual options panels will be deleted in all pages
Remove “Help” panel – contextual help panels will be deleted in all pages


Change from email address and name – will be used for all sended emails


Smooth scroll in Chrome
Enable fast click on Touch-devices
Load jQuery from CDN

jQuery CDN (provided by MaxCDN)
Google CDN

Remove version parameter from css/js files

<HEAD> Cleanup

Remove wlwmanifest – used in Windows Live Writer client
Remove the prev and next post link
Remove shortlink for the page
Remove canonical link for the page

Favicon & Logos

Set favicon
Apple Devices Logos – iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone Retina, iPhone, iPad, iPad Retina
Windows Pinned site

Application name
Set background color for a live tile
Tile image
Navigation button color
Set small, medium, wide, lange image tiles


Search off – if you are using Google Search you can turn off default search
Redirect to single result
Pretty url
Search by title only
Define number of posts per result page


Automatically email contributor when their post is published
Show empty categories – need this if you wanna group categories in empty category
Categories include/exclude
Tags include/exclude

Content Protection

Obfuscate Email
Disable text selection
Disable right-click
Disable image dragging
Disable PrintScreen button


Remove WordPress generator tag
Custom “generator” META-tag
Add nosniff header
Add xss protection header
Prevent embedding inside an iframe
Expire Protected Page Cookie
Disable file editing in admin area
Remove Really Simple Discovery tag – used by different desktop and online blog clients
Disable Pingbacks

Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress v1.4.5 Changelog

* Fixed bug in menu hide tweak and new items available

Demo Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

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