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Free Download Advanced iFrame Pro - v7.3 wordpress plugin

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Advanced iFrame Pro v7.3 – Include content the way YOU like in an iframe that can hide and modify elements and forward parameters. You can also embed content directly or show a part of an iframe.

Resize the iframe to the content height or width
On the same domain or if you are able to use the external workaround you can resize the iframe to the iframe height. Also dynamic size changes in the iframe are detected and even auto height of hidden elements is supported.

Show only specifiy areas of the iframe
Even if you are NOT on the same domain and you are NOT able to modify the external page you can show a part of the remote iframe. With the included area selector you can simply select the area you want to show with your mouse. Also you can hide certain areas of the other page. For perfect integration zoom is also supported!

Zoom iframe content
You can zoom the content of an iframe with a fixed ratio and also by auto zoom which does calculate the factor depending on the browser size. Especially on non responsive pages this can be the only solution for mobile devices.

Modify css styles
You can dynamically change the css of the parent and depending on your setup even of the iframe page too. So you can hide elements like header and footers or overwrite static sizes to make a page more responsive.

Lazy load
Lazy load is the perfect feature to enhance the loading time of your page. So first your main page is loaded and afterwards the iframe. You can also load the iframe when it is visible only or load the iframe with a click on a button.

Loading indicator
Loading iframes often takes additional time. So now you can show your users a loading icon until the iframe is fully loaded.

Responsive iframes/videos
Advanved iframe pro has several options to make your iframes responsive. Also videos are supported. Please see this blog entry for details.

Browser detection
Many websites look different on different devices. With the included browser detection you are able to show different iframes or different parts of an iframe depending on the detected device.

Change link targets and show iframes as layer with header/footer
You can dynamically change the link targets of the parent and depending on your setup even of the iframe page too. This also enables the feature that links kann be directly opened in an extra layer in an iframe. So users don’t leave your webpage even when they select external links! A custom header/footer can also be included to the layer.

Scrolling on ipad and iphone
By default not all IOS versions do support scrolling inside an iframe. An IOS workaround combined with the browser detection is done in the plugin as the IOS workaround does not work on other systems!

Advanced url parameter handling
Many options to parse parameters are supported. You can forward parameters from the parent and you have many placeholders like the current WordPress username. You can even add the iframe url as parameter to the parent url to be able to bookmark the current selected page.

Use iframes in the widget areas
A widget is included to add iframes or even any shortcode in your widget areas.

Standalone version included!
You can use this plugin not only in WordPress but any php page where you can insert a few lines of code!

Advanced iFrame Pro v7.3 Changelog

– New: The external workaround post message solution is now using a json structure to transfer the data. This is needed to enable the next feature
– New: You can define elements in the external workaround post message solution that are read from the remote iframe and added a element in the page. This enables you to include content directly if you simply hide the iframe! This is like include content directly with even more power then the one for the same domain! See the examples how cool this works: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/advanced-iframe-pro-demo/external-workaround-with-post-message#e52
– New: Support of the external workaround when you include https pages into http pages! See http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/advanced-iframe-pro-demo/external-workaround-with-post-message#e53
– New: postMessages from non advanced iframe sources can now be used and converted. See ai_post_message_converter_template.js how this works. Enable use_post_message=”debug” to check if a remote page does send messages you can use!
– New: show_iframe_as_layer_full has a new option: “original”. Than the max size of the layer is the given size of the iframe. See http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/advanced-iframe-pro-demo/show-the-iframe-as-layer#e54
– New: The layer is now closed also if you click anywhere outside the iframe. See http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/advanced-iframe-pro-demo/show-the-iframe-as-layer#e54
– New: Documentation was improved for many settings.
– New: The accordeon menu is now only on the advanced tab.
– New: Help topics where all moved to the help tab.
– New: jQuery help is available for everyone.
– New: php 7 compatible
– New: Placeholders are removed if not resolved.
– New: At many placeholders your can now define default values if the value can not be resolved. See http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/advanced-iframe-pro-demo/url-features#h49
– New: Load a config file depending on a given parameter in the url. see js/ai_config_switcher_template.js and the documentation inside – makes it possible to use one page with different configurations!
– New: enable_external_height_workaround has a new state: External. This is now the default as in the ai_external.js auto height is now set to true as most people who use the external workaround use this as default. true does still enable this setting in the ai_external.js but also disables all settings which do not work on the same domain. So if you use several iframes with the external workaround and the same domain you should set this setting to External and set enable_external_height_workaround=”true” in the short code for full flexibility.
– New: A warning is now shown if you use the external workaround without post communication and an https iframe is used in a http page.
– New: hide part of the iframe element has now an id. This makes it possible to add e.g. an additional stylesheet with media queries to change the size depending on the browser solution. See: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/advanced-iframe-pro-demo/hide-a-part-of-the-iframe#e50
– New: postMessage is now in a small extra box to make this setting more visual.
– New: Browscap version 6017 lite September 22, 2016 is now included.
– New: Support for WordPress 4.6.1
– Fix: Search was always hiding elements on the external tab in the sub domain section.

Demo Advanced iFrame Pro

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