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Free Download Formidable Pro 2 - v02.10 wordpress plugin

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Formidable Pro 2.02.10 – WordPress Form Builder – The Most Powerful form builder for WordPressand so much more

Formidable is hands down the best, most innovative and easy to use form builder for WordPress I’ve ever used. Calling this plugin a simple “form builder” is a bit of an understatement – people with no knowledge of HTML, CSS or programming can create extremely complex forms with ease.

Do more with your data
Don’t just collect information, display it. Create posts, tables, graphs and much more.
Developer friendly
Unleash unlimited possibilities with completely customizable form HTML and hooks everywhere.
Powerful tools
Get professional results with a full set of tools including field calculations and conditional logic.
Simple interface
The simple drag and drop interface and visual styler make building WordPress forms a breeze.
Formidable Views
No need for a separate plugin. Views are built right into the core Formidable Forms plugin to save you time and money.
Create Graphs, Directories, Tables, Job boards, Calendars, and much, much more.
Display entries from the currently logged in user with dynamic filtering.
You have complete control over what your views look like and how they behave.
Easily display your form entries, then sort them or make them searchable.

Formidable Pro 2.02.10 Changelog

* Add frm_form_error_class hook
* Fix db error when updating title in some forms
* Fix unclickable keys in Customization Panel
* Fix print styling on entries page
* Clear entry cache after delete all entries
* **Pro Features** *
* Add frm_time_ago_levels hook for drilling down time_ago
* Fix adding new file after removal when editing
* In multi-site, only copy forms if copy form setting is checked
* Make sure detaillink works if View is on home page

Demo Formidable Pro 2

Download Formidable Pro 2.02.10 – WordPress Form Builder

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