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Free Download WP Types – Types Access - v2.2 wordpress plugin

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WP Types – Types Access v2.2.2 – Control what users can do on your site

Access plugin lets you choose what different users can do on your WordPress site. Grant privileges to entire user roles or to specific users.

Choose what to display when users cannot read content
Access makes it easy to build membership and paid-content sites. You can choose what to display to users who don’t have read access to content.
You can display the standard 404 (not found) page or use a different template when access is denied.

Automatically set the right permissions for your site
The WordPress permissions system is tricky, with complex inter-dependencies. Fortunately, Access hides this complexity from you, making your administration work easy.
Access will automatically set and clear required permissions for you, as you set the permissions that you need.

Control read-access to individual pages
The Access box appears when you edit any content. You can create access-control content groups and set their read permissions for entire user roles or for individual users.

WP Types – Types Access v2.2.2 Changelog

* Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 4.7
* Fixed the problem with WPML language switcher and non-logged users
* Fixed an issue with the wpcf_access_get_current_page method when WPML plugin is deactivated

Demo WP Types – Types Access

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