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Free Download WooCommerce Bookings - v1.9.14 wordpress plugin

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WooCommerce Bookings v1.9.14 – Allow customers to book appointments for services without leaving your site.

This powerful extension allows you to sell your time or date based bookings, adding a new product type to your WooCommerce site. Perfect for those wanting to offer appointments, services or rentals.

Other notable features
“Resources” per bookable product for added flexibility. Resources can also be created globally to apply to multiple bookable products.
Define global availability rules for all bookable products.
Allow bookings to extend overnight or into the next day.
Create buffer periods between bookings that last for minutes, hours or days.
Integration with the Product Add-Ons extension allows you to add extras for each booking.
Send custom email notifications to people who book a product.
View bookings in list or calendar format.

What’s new in 1.9?
Added support for free Accommodation Bookings Add-on, making it possible to create and manage overnight bookings for accommodations. Add check-in/check-out times, set special rates for weekends or holidays, and more.
Added time ranges for custom dates. You can now set availability and cost rules for hours on specific dates.
Improvements in creating custom booking statuses.
Improvements to the date/time picker code.

WooCommerce Bookings v1.9.14 Changelog

2016.11.30 –  v1.9.14
* New   – Better support for Deposits partialy paid status.
* Fix   – Css for selected dates not showing selection on partially booked days.
* Fix   – Admin calendar view, previous button can’t go from Jan to December previous year.
* Fix   – Different rule types couldn’t be used on the same product as priorities were not respected across types.
* Fix   – Unavailable slots showed when rule time range goes beyond midnight (e.g. 9:30 PM – 06:30 AM )
* Fix   – Function has_person_qty_multiplier condition was compared with the wrong value types.
* Fix   – Message shown to user on load when product ad onn exists on bookings product
* Fix   – Fully booked days class added to days not available for bookings.
* Fix   – Date with time showed days as not bookable when only a few hours was set is not available.
* Fix   – Multiple bookings per order cancellation emails polluted email data.
* Tweak – Replace js .size() function calls with .length property checks.
* Tweak – Remove the plus sign next to resource to avoid confusion and show the full price per duration unit.

Demo WooCommerce Bookings

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