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Free Download Gravity Forms - v2.1.2 wordpress plugin

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Gravity Forms is hands down the best contact form plugin for WordPress powered websites. Gravity Forms allows you to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of third party services such as PayPal and provides for even deeper integration with WordPress through our collection of optional Add-Ons. Hot stuff!

Gravity Forms v2.1.2 – WordPress Form Builder Quickly build and design your WordPress forms using the form editor. Select your fields, configure your options, and easily embed forms on your WordPress powered site using the built in tools.

Over A Million WordPress Sites Are Already Using Gravity Forms v2.1.2 . Is Yours?

Gravity Forms is hands down the best contact form plugin for WordPress powered websites. Oh yeah, we said it!
Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what Gravity Forms users are saying.
Pricing Fields
Gravity Forms makes it easy to create order forms. Order forms can incorporate pricing specific fields to allow your users to make selections and generate a total based on product and option selections.
Post Fields
Gravity Forms isn’t just for entries. It can also create WordPress posts. It’s easy to build a form that creates WordPress Posts on your site. They’re perfect for user-generated content, directory listings and much more.

Gravity Forms v2.1.2 Changelog

– Added $entry as a fourth parameter for the gform_merge_tag_data filter.
– Added support for auxiliary data for confirmations.
– Added GFFormDisplay::get_confirmation_message() method; refactored from GFFormDisplay::handle_confirmation().
– Added logging statements.
– Added the $field parameter to the gform_other_choice_value filter.
– Added gform_subscription_cancelled action.
– Added the gform_secure_file_download_url filter for overriding the url returned when the file upload field value is output in the entries area and merge tags. Credit: Chris Wiegman.
– Added the gform_purge_expired_incomplete_submissions_query filter allowing the query used to purge expired incomplete (save and continue) submissions to be overridden.
– Added gform_include_bom_export_entries filter allowing the BOM character to be excluded from entry export files.
– Added the gform_secure_file_download_is_https filter which can be used to prevent file upload urls from being changed from http to https when SSL is enabled. Credit: Chris Wiegman.
– Added the gform_fileupload_entry_value_file_path filter allowing the file upload url to be overridden when the field values are being prepared for output for the entry detail page and {all_fields} merge tag. Credit: Chris Wiegman.
– Added “numeric” modifier to merge tags to return numeric/unformatted numbers.
– Updated English translations (NZ, ZA). Credit: Ross McKay.
– Updated font size definitions to em (relative font size) in favor of rem (root font size)
– Updated the product field types array used by GFCommon::is_product_field() to include the hiddenproduct, singleproduct, and singleshipping input types. Credit: Naomi C. Bush.
– Updated the minimum version of WordPress required for support to 4.6.
– Updated the Afrikaans translation filename.
– Fixed issue with conditional logic when using numbers formatted with comma as decimal separators.
– Fixed conflict when reCaptcha script is enqueued by other plugins and themes.
– Fixed an issue where the partial entry was not available to the gform_review_page filter when resuming an incomplete submission.
– Fixed fatal error on PHP 7.1
– Fixed PHP warning on the entry list page if the value retrieved from the gform_entries_screen_options user option is not an array.
– Fixed a fatal error which would occur with if the cached version info contained a WP_Error.
– Fixed file size limit validation message not appearing when a validation message already exists.
– Fixed an issue with option currency formatting with decimal comma separator.
– Fixed an issue with total field formatting on currencies with decimal comma separator.
– Fixed an issue with the processing of custom fields during post creation which prevented the content template being processed.
– Fixed an issue with number formatting on calculated fields.
– Fixed an issue on number range setting defaulting to ‘false’.
– Fixed an issue with form import process where the edit form link in incorrect.
– Fixed an issue with currency formatting.
– Fixed an issue where the version info may not get cached on some systems resulting in very slow loading of the admin pages.
– Fixed an issue with the Notifications meta box on the entry detail page when the user doesn’t have the gravityforms_edit_entry_notes capability.
– Fixed an issue with the forms sent to the gform_forms_post_import action after import.
– Fixed an issue where GFFormDisplay::has_price_field() could incorrectly return false for some form configurations.
– Fixed issue where gfAjaxSpinner() did not link to a valid default spinner graphic.
– Fixed a JS error in the form editor when deleting a field on a form added via the GFAPI where the form button properties have not been defined.
– Fixed an issue with the submission time evaluation of conditional logic based on the multiselect type field.
– Fixed rgget helper function returning null when the value is 0.
– Fixed the send email form on the save and continue confirmation which occasionally would not submit when AJAX is enabled.
– Fixed entry filter from disappearing when no search results are found.
– Fixed entry filter not correctly populating search drop down when starred is set to no.
– Fixed a fatal error when a WP_Error object is passed as the second parameter of the rgget helper function.
– Fixed a fatal error which could occur on the entry detail page if a WP_Error is returned when getting the entry to be displayed.
– AF: Fixed an issue where following successful PayPal payment only one of the add-ons delayed feeds would be processed and would not be added to the entry processed_feeds meta item.
– AF: Updated logging for feed processing.
– API: Fixed an issue with entry searches when using numeric values for checkbox search keys which could return incorrect results.

Demo Gravity Forms

Download Gravity Forms v2.1.2 - Advanced Forms for WordPress Websites

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