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Free Download Justified Image Grid - v3.5 wordpress plugin

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Justified Image Grid v3.5 is a premium responsive WordPress Gallery Script/Tool/Plugin that aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using amazing jQuery as same as Flickr and Google image search. This professional tool makes your galleries stand out in an eye-catching and extremely unique new way! You can easily replace the standard WP galleries as [justified_image_grid] with lots of new easy to use visitor friendly features and options. WordPress manages the all galleries and this superb plugin will display them. Or alternatively you can also load various images from Flickr, acebook or use NextGEN as an image manager/source. Also unleash the power of image RSS Feeds and pull any videos from YouTube or Vimeo and images with sizes from 500px, Imgur, deviantART, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, WordPress.com blogs and more!
Justified Image Grid v3.5 is a powerful and responsive WordPress gallery plugin, expertly designed to showcase your images in the most beautiful and authentic way. Whether you specialize in capturing magical wedding days, creative designs and innovations, expressive portraits, extraordinary architecture, or a journalistic exploration, your photos tell a unique story and deserve to be presented in their full glory.

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Justified Image Grid v3.5 This responsive WordPress gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery, like Flickr and Google image search. Make your galleries stand out in an eye-catching and unique new way! Replace the standard WP galleries

as [justified_image_grid] with lots of new features and options. WordPress manages the galleries and this plugin will display them. Or alternatively you can load images from Facebook, Flickr or use NextGEN as an image manager/source. Unleash the power of image RSS Feeds and pull videos from Youtube or Vimeo and images from 500px, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Imgur, Tumblr, WordPress .com blogs and more! Or just make a responsive banner of Recent posts using their featured images! Also works with custom post types and custom taxonomies. Filter the thumbnails by tags or any taxonomy!

Control every aspect: row height, appearance, special effects like desaturation, color overlay with magnifier icon, borders, multiple captions, free and premium lightboxes, mouse activated animation… It’s easy to install and comes with 20 presets out of the box. The setup is a breeze with two admin areas: the plugin settings and the Shortcode Editor (you can edit your previously generated shortcodes!). 340 settings are spread over a tabbed interface in two admin areas for quick access. The settings are available to change on a per gallery basis, extending the global settings and presets. No coding skills are required. There is no need to remember shortcode attributes/values because of the Shortcode Editor that has examples and contextual help.

Justified Image Grid v3.4.2 Changelog

v3.5 – February 14, 2017 – Twitter summary card, PhotoSwipe zoom setting, Social sharing improved, RML v2.8.3 compatibility, Jetpack Photon and Facebook fixes.
New features:
New PhotoSwipe setting: Zoom effect. Ability to disable opening zoom animation from the thumbnails and/or the zooming feature on the opened, large image itself.
Sharing to Twitter now results in “The Summary Card with Large Image” that features a large, full-width prominent image alongside a tweet. It’s supported when sharing from prettyPhoto or PhotoSwipe (with JIG Smart Deeplinking). Shared URL is not changed, it’s only a server side enhancement.
Real Media Library v2.8.3 compatibility (backward compatibility maintained).
Pinterest Pin button changed to Pinterest Save button (red) to be more consistent with their idea.
Lazy loading the social sharing buttons of prettyPhoto. This allows more stable loading of these sharers, and most importantly: smoother animation between photos and during opening them, they also seem to load faster as the social sharers don’t interfere with the photo. Side effect is that you can see the social sharers appear after the photo.
The Twitter button in prettyPhoto is significantly upgraded to appear faster and be more stable.
Jetpack Photon is disabled for Facebook content since they don’t support creating thumbnails for Facebook content anymore. This prevents an error, and lets you show the gallery using normal thumbnail creation.
PhotoSwipe would get stuck on the same picture if it was opened coming from a Facebook share.
Some private Facebook photos had problem loading their thumbnails, if their URL included urlencoded bits like ?_nc_eui2=v1%3A where they got double urldecoded, resulting in missing thumbnail.
Action on JIG install and uninstall were not running since a recent update, restored them.
Having an SVG before a normal image in the grid, turned off Photon for the rest of the images. It only turns off Photon for the SVG now (and animated GIFs).
No longer urldecoding every link on the thumbnail, only where it’s necessary and the complete URL is urlencoded. This fixes showing private Facebook content in the lightbox that has ?_nc_eui2=v1%3A in the URL.
Rare loading problem of Magnific Popup is fixed (JS error regarding “require”).
Spanish translation

Demo Justified Image Grid

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