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Free Download Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress - v4.1 wordpress plugin

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Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress v4.1 Envato market’s best-selling social sharing plugin for WordPress Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is all-in-one social sharing plugin for WordPress that allows you supercharge your social shares, monitor, analyze, optimize and increase your social popularity. With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you will take your social sharing & following on a next level.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress v4.1 allows you to share on more than 40 of major social networks including wide range of mobile sharing options and in addition you have Love this button, Comments button, Send to mail and Print. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also includes 12 native social like, follow and subscribe buttons which will increase your social following and social proof. Plugin gives you the freedom to control every aspect of display but also we simplify the initial setting with easy to use quick setup wizard.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has 19 build in automated display button methods and 7 powerful shortcodes to meet any social sharing need that you have. We know that your website needs to be readable on all devices while still allowing visitors to share your web pages. Our social sharing plugin provides you mobile optimized display methods that can be used even on smallest devices. Measuring the social activity is also very simple with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress as it comes with build-in modules for Click log analytics, Google Analytics Tracking, Social Media Metrics.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress v4.1 Changelog

v4.1 (November 23, 2016)
Important! Version 4.1 will require to re-activate plugin. For existing customers that already have activation made all you need is to visit Activation tab again and press Activate button. Read more for plugin activation
new French translation included (thanks to @hostingames)
new 2 new more pop up styles available – inline iconic pop up and inline names pop up
new Pop up design of more and share button available: Modern
new Option to set custom template of more/share pop up buttons
new 5 new display positions added: Mobile Share Bar with Call to Action Button, Super Post Bar, Super Post Float, Viral Point, WooCommerce Bar
new 4 new templates: Tiny Color Circles, Lollipop and special holiday Christmas templates Baubles and Presents
new Support for CampaignMonitor, ActiveCapaign and JetPack subscriptions in opt-in module
new Multilangual translate of custom text plugin fields (network names, message above/before share buttons, email message and etc.). Supported WPML and Polylang (Thanks to Code Engine Studio and Les Rives lesrivesexperience.com for testing)
new Added MailerLite and Telegram in social followers counter (manual value of followers only)
new Settings in Advanced Settings -> Deactivate Module & Functions to turn off display methods that you will not use and also deactivate After Share
new Added Xing in Social Profiles
new Added option in Click To Tweet to use image as hidden parameter
new Included in mail form preview of sent message and field user to enter own message
new Added in natives appear of share button next to like button for Facebook
new Option to open social sharing on mobile in same tab
new Template API that allows custom templates to be added as add-on (example our Christmas templates)
new Display Methods API that allows custom display methods to be added as add-on
new Subscribe Connectors API that allows adding of custom connectors to opt-in module
new Included new developer hooks that allow customization of display or share from theme or other plugin
new WooCommerce add share buttons after add to cart button
new Opt-in Booster Add-on: display opt-in subscribe forms on specific events: after amount of seconds, on scroll or on exit intent
update Updated plugin activation. All versions will require to be re-activated
update Included manual check for update option of plugin that will notify for new version on non activated plugins
update Included message for not activated plugin in plugins list to notify customers that automatic updates will not run
update Updated mobile buttons bar to show only active networks after more button in pop up.
update Removed add-on notifications outside plugin
update Updated settings and folded Where to display in separate tab
update Updated admin panel with ajax save of settings
update Included default font size for templates of 14px to avoid too big text appearing on share buttons when theme enforce that
update Returned back option in Advanced Settings -> Administrative Options to turn off check for news and extensions if your server is limited to access ours
update Updated live preview mode of plugin settings load slowly when short URLs are not properly configured
update Added parameter nothumb=”true” to easy-popular-posts shortcode
update Updated activation screen. Important! Version will require reactivation
fixed Appearing sharing value of 1000K instead of 1M
fixed Not applying module based settings for WooCommerce
fixed Shortcode parameter float=”true” does not make buttons float from top when display method is set to manual display only
fixed MailPoet subscribe action in subscribe forms returning error Missing connection
fixed Problem with native follow Facebook button not appearing always
fixed Problem with responsive mobile CSS when positions by post type are active
fixed Appearing unescaped quotes in Subsctibe form
fixed Problem with notice message when After Share was set to check and appear on associated post types (Thanks to Tyler Johnson http://constitution.com/)
fixed Problem with not saving options for different positions by post types
fixed Message that appear in logs when social profiles is set to display as sidebar but no networks are selected
fixed Activation of opt-in form color customization overwrites background color of Subscribe button
fixed Not applying device rules for message before/above share buttons
fixed Updated counter code when using cached counters to generate data-cnt attribute instead of cnt (AMP validation issue).
fixed Issue with Instagram custom color when customizer is used
fixed Visual glitch in admin options screen when in version 3 light theme was used

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