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Free Download Loginizer Security Pro - v1.6.5 wordpress plugin

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Loginizer Security Pro v1.6.5Loginizer Security Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download 1.6.5 – Loginizer | Loginizer Security Pro v1.6.5 is a WordPress plugin that helps you fight against a bruteforce attack by blocking an IP login after reaching the maximum allowed retrieval. You can use the Loginizer Plugin for WordPress to configure blacklist or whitelist IPs. You can use a variety of other features such as Two Factor Auth, reCAPTCHA, PasswordLess Login, etc. to improve the security of your website. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sponsored AdsMore than 1000000+ WordPress websites are actively used by the Loginizer.Features in Loginizer include:Blocks IP after maximum retries allowedCheck logs of failed attemptsCreate IP rangesEmail notification to admin after max lockoutsBlacklist IP/IP rangeSafe & SecureDelete IP rangesExtended Lockout after maximum lockouts allowedLicensed under LGPLv2.1Whitelist IP/IP range

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