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Free Download ReviewX Pro - v1.1.6 wordpress plugin

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ReviewX Pro v1.1.6ReviewX Pro – Accelerate WooCommerce Sales With ReviewX Free Download 1.1.6 – reviewx | ReviewX Pro – Accelerate WooCommerce Sales With ReviewX v1.1.6 lets you get instant customer ratings and multi-criteria reviews to add credibility to your WooCommerce Store and increase conversions. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sponsored AdsCapture compelling and rich customer content in the form of ratings, reviews, photos & video reviews, score options, and more.Create multiple review criteria to make your product quite transparent for customers to receive detailed feedback to help you improve product quality.End an email reminding your consumer to review the item(s) they have purchased from your shop. ReviewX WordPress Plugin review reminder email has ready-made email content also has built-in preset collections.Allow customers to upload real product images in order to gain potential customer confidence and make your product more reliable.Choose different settings for graphic status, photo review style, and personalize color to make customer reviews and ratings stand out.Display Google Search Rating and get even more traffic to boost SEO site ranking and conversion.Display all scheduled emails with clear status, such as ‘Delivered,’ ‘Unsubscribed,’ ‘Scheduled,’ ‘Canceled,’ ‘Failed,’ etc.

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